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Colorado 4 Healthy Landscapes Committee

This committee oversees the C4HL initiative. Members include past presidents of CWMA.

Currently on hold.

Legislative Committee

This committee oversees CWMA’s legislative activities and plan Association’s participation in Ag Day.

Joe Swanson (chair)
Alicia Doran
Brian Kolokowsky
Casey Cisneros
Elizabeth Brown
Kayla Malone
Jennifer Cook
John Coyle
Tina Booten

Marketing and Communications Committee

This committee produces the Weed Watch quarterly newsletter and manages CWMA social media sites.

Ethan Proud (chair)
Kayla Malone
Lucas Casias
Mathew Holzwarth
Robert Emmanuel

Membership, Nominations and Scholarship Committee

This committee oversees membership programs and initiatives, scholarship and grant programs, and the board nomination process.

Mike Auciello (chair)
Curtis Marshall
Ethan Proud
Kayla Malone
Marisa Neuzil
Steve Murdoch

Publications Committee

This committee oversees the publication the Noxious Weeds of Colorado booklet.

Currently on hold.

Training and Education Committee

This committee oversees and coordinates all training activities, including the CWMA Winter and Spring Trainings, and educational content offering training on weed management best practices, issues and trends. This committee also manages the annual award program.

Casey Cisneros (co-chair)
Ethan Proud (co-chair)
Brian Kolokowsky
Curtis Marshall
Dale Thompson
Derek Sebastian
Dustin Polasek
Jim Turowsky
Joe Swanson
Kayla Malone
Lucas Casias
Lucy Bauer
Marisa Neuzil
Mike Auciello
Sonya Daly