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March Weed Profile

Dames Rocket

Hesperis Matronalis

Dames Rocket is a List B biennial species and belongs to the mustard family (Brassicaceae).

It is an escaped ornamental that can be found in rangelands, pastures, gardens, forests, ditches, and rights-of-way. It can be found in many wildflower seed mixes. It is a prolific seeder and escapes ornamentation quickly. It may be mistaken for some species of phlox. Phlox have five petals, compared to the four that Dames Rocket sports. Dames Rocket was introduced around the same time as European settlement.

Plants grow up to a height of four feet tall and have white or purple, four-petaled flowers. Flowers are clustered on terminal stalks. Seed pods are narrow and up to 1½ inches long, as with all mustard species, these pods are called siliques. Leaves are alternate, lanceolate (lancelike), 2-4 inches long, and have toothed margins.

Dames Rocket can spread quickly and displaces many of our native plant species.


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