Orange Hawkweed

Hieracium aurantiacum

Orange hawkweed is a perennial member of the Sunflower family (Asteraceae).  This List A noxious weed can grow to about 24 inches tall.  Groups of ½ inch wide orange dandelion shaped flowers form at the end of slender, hairy, leafless stems.  The dark green, hairy leaves are lance-shaped and form a basal rosette.  It reproduces by seed, runners (stolons) and rhizomes.  It forms dense mats.  It can be found in forest meadows, along rights-of-way, waterways, lakes, and ponds. Originally from Europe, it is found in many areas of North America.  In Colorado, it is found in large areas of the Front Range and in Grand County.  And is found in lower numbers in a number of other counties

Control is herbicide at the early to pre-bud stage.  Pulling is not recommended because the roots, stolons, and rhizomes fracture easily and can regrow.

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Orange Hawkweed Flower
Orange Hawkweed Patch
Orange Hawkweed Rosette
Orange Hawkweed Root